Free cannabis schemes could reduce drug deaths in UK prisons


Arfon Jones, a Welsh police and crime commissioner, has come out in support of free cannabis schemes in UK prisons. According to Jones, these schemes could reduce overdose-related deaths among drug-dependent inmates. Furthermore, starting free cannabis schemes in UK prisons could help inmates in a number of ways. Primarily, this scheme could help inmates overcome opioid addiction. It could also potentially reduce violence in prisons. Inmates often smuggle in and consume spice, an affordable, synthetic cannabinoid. However, spice — unlike cannabis — can be dangerous and deadly. This seems to be the norm in UK prisons, as the use of illegal drugs is extremely common. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil for pain – The ultimate guide to it’s benefits and uses CONTINUE READING Based on this, Jones suggests that justice authorities should address causes. By doing this, authorities can reduce inmates’ need to use spice, among other harmful, cheap, synthetic drugs. In addition to this, a number of inmates already receive a number of heroin substitutes. While this is all part of reducing drug dependency, it can still result in addiction. Additionally, prescription drugs such as buprenorphine and methadone can be dangerous, especially when consumed long-term. An excellent solution to a widespread problem According to the Guardian, over 300 prison officers and staff were dismissed or convicted of bringing prohibited items into prisons. This has occurred over the past five years. These goods include drugs, among other contraband. Jones has spoken out about this, saying, that a free cannabis trial can only improve the situation. “It would be an improvement on the illegal spice smuggled in by corrupt prison officers,” Jones said. Implementing a framework for this to happen might sound daunting at first. However, Jones has come up with a number of ideas to kick things off. First, Jones says, the…

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