Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Weeks Six-Ten (The Balkhi Province)


Stay off of Ladders The last article started with snow but when this installment started it was almost 80°f. It’s easy to see that these warm days will soon be gone until March. I estimate that our Balkhi run will be finished about end-of-February to mid-March. Unfortunately, this article was delayed a couple of weeks because I ended up doing a little recovery time from a fall. These old bones are still pretty tough but I was rattled for a couple of weeks. I did well to keep things running while my balance found its feet again. Because of the fall my plans to start flowering were delayed too. However, this did allow the smaller plants to gain a few nodes, so cloning will be easier. I’ll show you what I was able to get ready and where we are at now.   We will decide the flowering time the old fashioned way, by trichome colour. I may run a chromatography test at around day 42 of flowering. This will allow me to pull the CBD phenos early. It has been my experience to pull CBD strains between days 42 and 49, day 56 is about the latest. However, some strains can hang until day 63 but I have noticed that the longer the plant goes the darker the oil is and the mustier the flavour. With strains that have the ability to produce higher levels of THC along with CBD, they need to be pulled sometime during week 7 for peak CBD levels. The CBD levels can begin to drop rapidly and THC levels can begin to climb in some strains. I first noticed this with Harlequin. The CBD can drop by half in just a week or two. This trait can allow the experienced grower to adjust the CBD:THC…

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Source : Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Weeks Six-Ten (The Balkhi Province)

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