Over half of people using medical cannabis to combat chronic pain had withdrawal symptoms: study

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A U.S. study found that over half of patients who use medical marijuana for chronic pain had withdrawal systems during even short consumption breaks, a situation that could up the chance of developing cannabis use disorder (CUD) and that demands people better understand signs of withdrawal. Published in Addiction , researchers report the patients “experience clusters of multiple withdrawal symptoms when they’re between uses,” notes an article by Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan (U of M). As cannabis use continued over two years, about 10 per cent of subjects witnessed worsening symptoms, including those related to sleep, mood, mental state, energy and appetite, the university post shows. For recreational weed, studies indicate cannabis withdrawal symptoms have been reported by 40-plus per cent of regular users, states the study abstract . That said, withdrawal symptoms are not well understood in medical marijuana users. Study: Rates of depression and anxiety may be higher in people with cannabis use disorder Cannabis use disorder has both genetic and biological underpinnings: researchers Pharmacotherapy still not the solution to cannabis use disorder problem: review The study team from the U of M Medical School and the V.A. Ann Arbor Healthcare System considered responses from respondents one and two years after being surveyed. The 527 Michigan residents, all with non-cancer-related chronic pain, were seeking medical cannabis certification or recertification between February 2014 and June 2015, the study states. They were asked if they experienced any of 15 symptoms — craving for cannabis, anxiety, sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, restlessness, depressed mood, aggression, irritability, nausea, sweating, headache, stomach pain, strange dreams, increased anger and shakiness — after not using for a significant time. At baseline, 41 per cent of people were classified in the mild withdrawal symptom group, 34 per cent were in the moderate group (experienced multiple symptoms)…

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Source : Over half of people using medical cannabis to combat chronic pain had withdrawal symptoms: study

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