U.K. man ordered to pay about $340 fine after being found with a gram of cannabis

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Edward Ian Biddyr has been ordered to pay an almost £200 ($344) fine after he was found to be in possession of 1.1 grams of cannabis, reports Western Telegraph . Snowless roof despite wintry conditions tips off police to illegal cannabis farm Police drugs expert who sold weed-growing equipment on eBay would have gotten the boot had he not resigned Weed can be a barrel of fun, unless you get caught with it in Guyana Police recovered the small amount of pot after visiting the home of the 42-year-old Wales resident. Biddyr entered a guilty please via email and was fined £80 ($138) and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £34 ($58) and additional costs of £85 ($146). The Western Telegraph notes that a destruction order has been made for the drugs and Biddyr has until Jan. 26 to pay the total sum of £199 ($342). Biddyr lives in Eglwyswrw, a small village of fewer than 800 people. Cannabis remains a Class B drug in Wales (and across the U.K.). Those found in possession of the plant can be imprisoned for up to five years and face unlimited fines. Though with attitudes towards cannabis relaxing across the globe, police have some discretion in how they apply the law. “We can’t regulate cannabis or any other drug in our own right, but we can influence the way we police it,” Arfon Jones, a North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, told VICE in 2019. “What we’re doing is effectively de facto decriminalization. That is within our power and we can do so without changing the law.”

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Source : U.K. man ordered to pay about 0 fine after being found with a gram of cannabis

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