Man caught with pot brownies to pay about $10,000 instead of spending a year in jail

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A Bahamian chef’s goose was cooked after getting caught with marijuana brownies designed to get someone baked, although defending and prosecuting counsel differed on whether that someone was a friend or a customer. The New Year got off to a rocky start for Witfield Braynen Jr., currently a cook who has also worked as a contractor and carpenter, when police executed a search warrant on his Coral Harbour home on Jan. 1. The search revealed the cannabis brownies and two packages of Indian hemp, according to The Tribune. Braynen Jr. complied with the warrant and even led officers to a bedroom closet that contained a red shoebox containing an unspecified quantity of weed and, as reported by the Nassau Guardian , about $200 ($254) in mixed currency. He also took the officers to his kitchen, where he showed them a pan of cannabis brownies that he had baked. U.K. man ordered to pay about $340 fine after being found with a gram of cannabis Panicked young smuggler mistakenly runs right into police station Florida man tries to chew weed and get rid of evidence to avoid arrest Officers, however, did some more looking and discovered a hole in the residence that was hiding a bag with two pounds (about 900 grams) of Indian hemp inside. A plastic bag with five Xanax pills was also found in his vehicle. Braynen Jr. initially told police he had made the brownies for his consumption. In court, his defence lawyer said his client had baked the treats to celebrate with his friends, but now acknowledged his wrongdoing. The lawyer further noted that marijuana is no longer considered a schedule one drug in the Bahamas, the Nassau Guardian reports. Last October, the Bahamian government announced it would review whether or not to legalize the hemp…

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Source : Man caught with pot brownies to pay about ,000 instead of spending a year in jail

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