Legalizing cannabis, even for medical purposes, threatens to transform Indian state ministers into ‘Pablo Escobars’

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A “Draconian” proposal to allow cannabis cultivation has raised the ire of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) in India, with president Varad Mardolkar warning that any such move would turn the state’s ministers into ‘Pablo Escobars’. “Some ministers have a vested interest in this and they are running the state and taking these decisions on behalf of the drug lobby,” Mardolkar charged, according to Daiji World . Escobar, the notorious cocaine kingpin who headed the Medellín drug cartel, died in December 1993 after reportedly being shot by Colombian forces. Panicked young smuggler mistakenly runs right into police station Is a maize crop a good decoy for a weed crop? Not for this Indian farmer Cannabis leaf prank sends six to hospital The staunch opposition holds true even if the cannabis is meant for medical purposes. The Hindustan Times reported last month that Goa’s government is considering a proposal from a central government agency to legalize cannabis cultivation for medical purposes. The idea would be to allow controlled growing and selling of the product to pharmaceutical companies, somewhat in line with how liquor is regulated in the state. The next step would be to introduce a bill on the matter. But in late December, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant reportedly said the state government is not moving forward with allowing cannabis cultivation. Citing a proposal received from the Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine, Sawant said the government was examining it, but that, at present, it “isn’t interested to go ahead with this proposal,” according to Republic World . That didn’t stop the GPYC from posting a message on Facebook this week. A GPYC committee has submitted “a memorandum regarding a strong demand to deter state governments move to bring a ‘Draconian Bill’ on cultivation of Cannabis in the state of…

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Source : Legalizing cannabis, even for medical purposes, threatens to transform Indian state ministers into ‘Pablo Escobars’

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