Suspected loaded driver who was found with two loaded guns tried to hide weed in his crotch

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An 18-year-old Pittsburgh man didn’t think things through when he tried to evade marijuana-related charges by stuffing a joint down his pants, but forgot about the burnt weed smell emanating from the vehicle. A Pennsylvania State Police trooper pulled over the driver on Nov. 3 for not having a temporary tag in the correct spot, according to . As the officer approached the car, he notes in a police complaint that there was a strong odour of burnt cannabis emanating from the vehicle. The eyes of the driver, who said he was driving home from his girlfriend’s home, reportedly appeared to be glassy and blood-shot, notes. Florida man tries to chew weed and get rid of evidence to avoid arrest Pants on fire: Florida man tells police his drug-filled trousers belong to someone else Florida woman who drove her SUV in bike lane for a quarter mile fesses up: There’s a sack of weed in her pants The driver, who refused to submit a blood test, showed signs of impairment during field sobriety tests, as well as during a subsequent review by a drug recognition expert, notes the complaint. But the stop revealed more than suspected impairment. A vehicle search resulted in police finding two loaded guns, including one reported stolen, ammunition, burnt weed and a scale for weighing drugs, reports . The driver responded to the discovery by telling troopers that he did not own the car and was not responsible for anything inside it. Upon arriving at the police barracks, the complaint notes the driver was searched. That is when a blunt was found stuffed down the front of his pants. Kenneth Sharp-Haymon faces charges of receiving stolen property, carrying a firearm without a licence, drug possession, driving under the influence and a traffic violation.…

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Source : Suspected loaded driver who was found with two loaded guns tried to hide weed in his crotch

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