Forget ‘Dude, where’s my car?’ What about: ‘Dude, you can’t have that much weed in your car’

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It’s unlikely that even Arizona citizens who voted to green light cannabis legalization during last November’s election would support someone having 200-plus kilograms of weed in their car, a find that prompted the Pinal County sheriff to state the obvious: “Dude, you can’t have that much weed.” Unfortunately for the 21-year-old driver, he did little to keep his illegal transport on the down low. Catching the notice of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputies for speeding on Jan. 4, he was pulled and the car was searched. Great ‘green’ broom sweeps across the U.S., clearing the path to legalize weed in several states Disabled war veteran caught with cannabis to spend the next five years behind bars after judge denies release Tucson teen faces deportation for first-time cannabis possession charges That is when deputies found 21 bundles of cannabis, weighing 451.5 pounds (205 kg), “which is a smidge over the legal limit of one ounce for adults over 21 years old,” notes a cheeky Facebook post by the PCSO. When asked to comment on the arrest, the Nov. 5 post quotes Sheriff Mark Lamb as saying, “Dude, you can’t have THAT much weed.” The police announcement attracted loads of Facebook comments, which as is usually the case, ran the gamut. Some posters questioned the use of police resource, others questioned why the amount of cannabis should be an issue in a legal state and still others questioned the driver’s reasoning in speeding while transporting that much cannabis. “I dont speed when I drive around with that much weed. What a idiot he deserves what he gets,” noted one post. “He was just trying to provide an ounce for 7,200 of his friends. Who are we to judge?“ added another. Arizona citizens recently approved a ballot measure during the recent election…

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Source : Forget ‘Dude, where’s my car?’ What about: ‘Dude, you can’t have that much weed in your car’

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