CBD oil for Menopause


For women going through menopause, it can be an extremely tiring and emotional experience, so can CBD help? The science around CBD and menopause is far from concrete. However, there have been studies into other conditions that offer insights we can apply to menopause. Research around CBD and sleep disorders, anxiety, and inflammation can give us some idea of how it might fight against symptoms of menopause. If you’re dealing with severe menopausal symptoms, be sure to speak with your doctor about treatment options. What is menopause? If you’re seeking out information on CBD oil for menopause, chances are you probably already know what menopause is. However, let’s look at some basic information. It all comes down to one particular female hormone – oestrogen. Oestrogen, or estrogen, is one of the primary female sex hormones. Men also carry oestrogen in their bodies but in much, much smaller amounts. For women, starting in puberty, oestrogen is produced by the body to control and regulate the female reproductive system. RELATED ARTICLE: What is CBD oil & what can it do for you? CONTINUE READING One of its main tasks is around maintaining the eggs produced in the ovaries. Around once every month an egg is produced in the ovaries. If the egg goes unfertilised, menstruation (or periods) occur. However, there are a finite amount of eggs to be produced in the female body. As the eggs begin to dwindle, the level of oestrogen in the body also lowers. This ultimately leads to periods stopping and menopause. When does menopause begin? Generally speaking, menopause occurs between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five years old as oestrogen levels fall. According to the NHS, the average age for menopause to begin is 51 years old. However, there are some women who develop menopause before they…

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