Weed can be a barrel of fun, unless you get caught with it in Guyana

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A Guyanese husband and wife were arrested after police found several large parcels of cannabis weighing more than four kilograms stashed inside a barrel hidden in the bottom level of their home. Anonymous tip leads to police discovering 4,300-plus cannabis plants worth $12.6 million Early-morning raid reveals cannabis grow worth an estimated $1.7 million How to narc out the neighbour smoking weed so they never know it was you Acting on a tip, the two were arrested on Jan. 3 in their West Coast Demerara home after police conducted a raid at about 5:30 a.m., according to  News Source Guyana . Agreeing to the search, police found nothing of concern on the upper level of the home, but the lower flat revealed the stash, adds the Guyana Chronicle . The male homeowner used his keys to open a blue plastic barrel, which had a garbage bag inside, the Guyana Chronicle reports. The bag contained three transparent plastic parcels with leaves, seeds and stems believed to be cannabis. In the back yard, police also found a white container housing a marijuana plant that was approximately 75 cm in height growing under a fruit tree. The investigation is continuing, but police expect that Ryan Joseph, 47, and Chetranie Doodwah, 36, could be charged with weed possession and trafficking, reports News Source Guyana . The couple was transported to Parfaite Harmonie Police Station, part of the Guyana Police Force, and remain in custody. Guyana’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act notes that if a person is found possessing more than 15 grams of cannabis or cannabis resin, “the burden of proving that he is in possession of the narcotic for a purpose other than the purpose of trafficking shall be on him.” “Is me weed, don’t involve me family,” Joseph reportedly told police.…

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Source : Weed can be a barrel of fun, unless you get caught with it in Guyana

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