Do Wild Animals Eat Cannabis Plants?


Anyone who has ever tried growing cannabis outdoors will be aware of the need to protect plants against common pests like aphids and other bugs, yet the truth is that it isn’t just creepy crawlies and microbes that you need to watch out for. A number of larger wild animals, from mice to horses, have been known to eat cannabis plants, and have occasionally been seen looking a little stoned after gorging on some poor grower’s stash. Related Post A Polish Zoo Is Using CBD To Treat Stressed Elephants Which Animals Eat Cannabis? The number of species that eat cannabis in the wild isn’t fully known, although reports suggest that a wide array of animals like to nibble on the various parts of the plant. Many types of bird, for example, are regularly seen consuming cannabis seeds, which can be a major problem for breeders who need to bank or sow this vital genetic material. Species such as ringtail pheasant, bobwhite quail and mourning doves all consume hemp seeds as a major constituent of their diet, while it has been reported that captive doves can be kept in good health by feeding them nothing but cannabis seeds. For most casual growers, however, the threat from the air is pretty much negligible, and it’s the four-legged creatures that need to be guarded against. Many mammals are known to eat cannabis plants when given the opportunity, with mice and rats being particularly problematic diners. In one notorious instance, cannabis growers in Hawaii began to suspect mongooses of raiding their fields after noticing the presence of seeds in their droppings. However, closer investigation revealed that these mongooses were in fact preying on mice and rats that had become accustomed to gorging themselves on weed and ending up too stoned to evade predators. Horses…

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