Brexit will leave sick children without access to medical cannabis


In an attempt to placate British citizens, MPs have discussed the impact of Brexit across multiple areas. However, it is important to note Brexit’s effect on access to medical cannabis. This is especially concerning in the case of British children who suffer from serious medical conditions. According to Health Europa, about 40 children in the UK receive medical cannabis. However, only three of them were prescribed cannabis oil through the NHS. The rest of these families have to source solutions from private healthcare providers. This can cost them up to £2,500 per month. Generally, medical cannabis is used to treat drug-resistant forms of epilepsy in children. In these situations, medical cannabis can be the deciding factor in dealing with life-threatening seizures. Therefore, the effect of Brexit on access to medical cannabis is disappointing. What does Brexit mean for medical cannabis access? The Brexit transition period ended on December 31. This came with a host of new challenges to navigate, including the issue of medical cannabis. The vast majority of medical cannabis is sourced from the Netherlands. Given that the transition period has ended, so too has access to medical cannabis. The Netherlands — and the rest of the EU — will no longer be able to fulfil prescriptions from the UK. Therefore, medical cannabis patients will have to look into other options. Whether this involves other forms of medical cannabis completely depends on the NHS. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil for epilepsy – Can it help with seizures? CONTINUE READING Thankfully, all hope is not lost. There are two forms of cannabis-based medications available through the NHS. Medical cannabis patients can access these medications through prescriptions from licensed healthcare professionals. However, since 2018, the NHS has only issues three prescriptions for these forms of medication. Thus, the likelihood of every single…

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