What is the CTA and how can it help UK businesses?


In a week where the cannabis community has seen huge success, where we have seen CBD and Cannabis move ever closer towards being accepted worldwide, we look at one of the most influential and hardest working organisations in the UK and Europe. The CTA has lobbied and worked tirelessly on behalf of the entire community and deserves our thanks and respect. We believe many of the changes this month could never have happened without the organisations working on our behalf. UN removing cannabis from Schedule 4 Novel Foods back on in the EU Possible Article 4 options for Novel Foods in EU. Founded in 2016, the CTA (the Cannabis Trades Association) is the oldest, largest CBD-centric trade association in the UK and Europe. They have been leading the agenda on Cannabinoid education, legislation, science, business and economic development in the UK and always in a fair and socially responsible manner. Their impact on the acceptance of CBD within the UK cannot be overstated. Originally known as the Hemp Trades Association UK Limited, the CTA rebranded itself as a not-for-profit organisation. We’ve mentioned the CTA before on The Extract, but who exactly are they? What do they do? We’re here to answer all your questions about them. Who makes up the Cannabis Trades Association? The CTA consists of an operations team and a board of directors. The operations team is a testament to this organisation’s dedication to the CBD industry. According to the official website, the operations team often works long hours to ensure that things are running smoothly. The CTA board of directors consists of eight members. Any member of the Cannabis Trades Association can be elected to the board, and they always welcome new members. Therefore, if your CBD company is considering joining an organisation, the CTA might be…

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