Howdy, neighbour: U.K. dealers create hole that spreads illegal cannabis grow across two properties

Growth op

Community intelligence helped police to discover what’s being called a “substantial” cannabis grow-op in the western Lancashire, U.K. borough of Fylde. On the morning of Dec. 30, officers executed a drugs warrant based on the public information received about a possible cannabis cultivation site, notes a Facebook post from the Fylde Police. Power grab: Newly busted illicit grow-ops in Spain pilfered $2.3 million in electricity Firefighters find weed cultivation site amid damaged and charred remains of blaze This is how landlords can spot illegal grow-ops: police “Upon entry, a substantial cannabis grow has been discovered, spanning all floors of a semi-detached property including next door, as a hole had been created in the loft space connecting the two addresses,” the post states. The police did not say how many plants were involved, but did note that electricity had been abstracted and bypassed, posing a significant fire risk. The grow-op has been dismantled and destroyed. Inquiries into who was responsible for the operation are ongoing, the police report. Bypassing electricity for cultivating weed has proven dangerous in past. Just this summer, fire crews were called to the Portobello area of West Midlands, U.K., after receiving reports of alarms sounding and smoke coming from a house. Firefighters found a small blaze in the living room but also discovered more than 120 cannabis plants and growing equipment . Power usage is a big tip-off to possible cannabis cultivation sites. This summer in California, a man’s attempt to present his illegal grow as an urban jungle earlier this year proved a bust when a worker at the Southern California Edison noticed the high power usage and tipped off the police. That same month in the state, police announced seizing more than two tons of marijuana thanks to power companies reporting massive amounts of electricity…

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Source : Howdy, neighbour: U.K. dealers create hole that spreads illegal cannabis grow across two properties

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