New Year’s Resolution: Eat Healthy Edibles

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Another New Year comes, and we find ourselves once again making goals, resolutions and promises to ourselves and others. For many people, making healthy food choices is always top of the resolution list, as the over-indulgence of the holidays inevitably ends up expanding the waistline. New diets for the New Year also can re-shape our relationship with food. When it comes to edibles, people tend to first think of brownies, cookies and other sugar-laden products. And if you swore an oath to take on a plant-based diet or low sugar diet, then how are edibles going to fit into your new lifestyle choice? Edibles do not have to be merely consumed through sugary vessels to be enjoyable, as there are a wide range of savory recipes that will keep your diet on track. Learning to pair the terpene and flavonoid profiles of strains to the savory food items you have will ultimately make your edible experience more enjoyable. Think of each strain as a unique spice with specific flavor profiles that also brings a specific medicinal outcome. Some of my favorite healthy edibles recipes include sautéed summer veggies made with the Island Sweet Skunk strain, Yugoslavian finger squash baked with some Mr. Nice canna-butter, and a gluten-free CBD cookie made with refined sugar substitutes. But this recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, also makes for an incredibly delicious and healthy snack, and is made with decarboxylated kief from the Herijuana strain so that you don’t have to consume any canna-oil or canna-butter! Enjoy responsibly. Recipe: Roasted Herijuana Pepitas Photo Pepitas come from the Oilseed or Styrian pumpkins, and possess the unique quality of being shell free. Inside the pumpkin flesh, these little green seeds grow like any other pumpkin seed but without the hard, outer white shell.…

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