The Best Cannabis Social Media Posts Of 2020


Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a great year for most people, although it has at least been a decent 12 months for cannabis, with some major breakthroughs in the fight to end prohibition and legalise medical and recreational marijuana. On top of that, weed has helped many of us make it through the lockdowns, and while we may not have had that much physical contact with our friends and family, social media has provided a much-needed means of communication. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of our favourite cannabis social media posts of the year. Related Post Best Strains For Your Vaporizer 2020 Cannabis Social Media Posts, 2020 (Pre-Lockdown) It may seem like a lifetime ago, but the start of 2020 was a hopeful time, with many people looking ahead to what they expected to be a great year. Before terms like ‘coronavirus’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ appeared on our radar, people in Illinois brought in the new year by celebrating the state’s first ever day of legal recreational cannabis sales on January 1st – and it’s fair to say demand was pretty high. Hundreds of people lined up in the Uptown neighborhood waiting to buy cannabis on the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Illinois. @ABC7Chicago— Alexis McAdams ABC-7 (@AlexisMcAdamsTV) January 1, 2020 It wasn’t just dispensaries that saw an opportunity to cash in on the new legislation. Italian restaurants also did their best to attract cannabis lovers. how long do you think this italian restaurant in my neighborhood was waiting for illinois to legalize weed so that they could buy this banner— grace☭ (@lib_owner) January 7, 2020 In the pre-COVID world, packing a suitcase and heading off on holiday was no big deal. This guy showed us all how…

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