Man catches police’s eye after dropping cardboard box containing half a million dollars of weed

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An Irish man in his 20s was arrested shortly after ditching a large cardboard box of cannabis estimated to be worth $497,000 and fleeing the Tallaght area. Gardaí were conducting mobile patrols at about 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 29 when “they observed a man discard a large cardboard box and flee the area,” notes a tweet from Garda , the state police for the Irish Republic. An officer pursued the unidentified suspect on foot and the man was apprehended a short distance away, according to Breaking News . Irish man in hot water after being found with $192,000 in cannabis and cash Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup Irish boxer waves at police while smoking cannabis, avoids criminal record A search of the discarded box revealed a large amount of suspected cannabis. The cannabis, which has been sent for analysis, was seized and the man arrested, the publication notes. He was later charged in connection with the incident, although the police did not specify what charges or how many. There was some support for police actions among Facebook comments, but the most prevalent view seemed to be to legalize cannabis in the country, particularly for medical use. “What a waste. With a strict lockdown to come this really could have helped so many people with mental illness,” noted one commenter. “Ireland should really have led the green revolution…it’s a bit embarrassing actually, you’re the Emerald Isle, get on top of it, legalize this harmless plant,” stated another poster. “Legalise all the Drugs in the country like cigarette and alcohol. In next one year you can see a massive difference in the country. The only thing we need to protect young communities by applying right policies and restrictions,” added…

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Source : Man catches police’s eye after dropping cardboard box containing half a million dollars of weed

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