5 of the top strains for 5 New Year's resolutions


Each year, we arrive at the end of December and swear that in the new year we’re going to change all our bad habits. We’re going to work out more, save money, and pursue all the passions that we’ve let sit idle for a whole 365 days.  I applaud you, I applaud us, because this time, we’re for sure going to evolve. And to help us along the way, here are five strains for five of the most common types of New Year’s Resolutions. Working out: Green Crack Green Crack is a classic sativa that people love for its energizing qualities. Smoke ethos, and your head is instantly hit with a rush of “Okay, what was I doing? Oh yeah — everything!” It’s perfect for when you need that boost of energy that’ll get you putting on your running shoes and grabbing your jump rope, while we await the day we can go back to our local gyms. Green Crack is thought to be a cross of a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, a Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace. It has earthy, citrus, skunky terpenes that will invigorate your senses. Find Green Crack strains Saving money: WiFi OG When it comes to saving money on weed, the truth is: it’s damn near impossible. Going gram by gram on flower adds up, and don’t get me started on how much your bank account will hate you for walking out of the store with a bag of concentrates.  Edibles are the most cost effective way to consume cannabis in bulk, but if you’d rather inhale your cannabinoids and terpenes, try buying just one strain that you can smoke at any time of day versus stacking up on a variety of products that produce a time-of-day-specific effects. Our suggestion is WiFi OG.…

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