What we can learn from the gin industry’s unboxing experiences


The craft gin market has exploded throughout the UK. Many of these brands have also mastered the art of branding. By doing this, their customers get some of the best unboxing experiences on the market. While there are some incredible CBD manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s what CBD manufacturers can learn from the gin industry. It’s all about the branding With the number of craft gin brands on the market, many of them lean in on different branding experiences. Sure, giving your customers some of the best unboxing experiences on the market plays a huge part. However, it’s important to build your brand and to place emphasis on why it stands out from the rest. For example, The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria leans into their traditional distilling methods. This distillery uses copper pots in their distillation process. Furthermore, their water is drawn from the Lake District National Park. Not only does this make sampling their Lakes Gin an exceptional craft gin experience, but it also elevates it from its high-street gin competitors. Drawing on whatever makes your brand unique — however small — shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether it’s the location of your business or the ingredients used in the manufacturing process, use this to help create a richer brand image. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD Marketing – How Can We Help? CONTINUE READING Take, for example, The Cotswolds Distillery’s Wildflower Gin. This distillery highlights the unique flavour profiles in their craft gin. By utilising a mix of cornflower, lavender, and orange, they’ve come up with a floral, fruity gin that’s perfect for summertime. In addition to this, the Wildflower Gin comes in a bright red colour. This, in itself, is a statement. It’s also a small feature that sets them apart on the shelves. How…

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Source : What we can learn from the gin industry’s unboxing experiences

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