Three-month-long drug trafficking probe bags Surrey RCMP its first weed-infused potato chips

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THC potato chips were among a raft of cannabis products and other drugs found during an RCMP raid that capped off a three-month drug trafficking investigation. The Surrey RCMP Drug Unit probe that began back in September 2020 ended earlier this month, according to a statement last week from the Surrey RCMP . “As the investigation progressed, officers gathered evidence consistent with the sale and distribution of cannabis products,” the RCMP reports. Officers executing a search warrant under the Cannabis Act found several drugs and products, primarily cannabis-based, at the Surrey residence on Dec. 17. Burnaby RCMP finds distressed woman, unconscious man and a huge multi-drug operation inside home licensed to grow weed ‘How do I choose the right cannabis strain?’: Canadians asked, we answered Vancouver mayor announces plan to decriminalize simple drug possession The seized items included $5,000 in cash, 4.5 kilograms of bud, 1.6 kg of packaged cannabis, approximately 800 one-gram packets of cannabis shatter, about 450 grams of bulk cannabis butter, around 450 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, about 300 grams of bulk cannabis shatter, approximately 28 grams of bulk MDMA, 20 vials containing suspected THC distillate and a synthetic compound suspected to be W-18 , 345 THC vape pens, 44 packages of THC gummies and three packages of THC potato chips. The last item was a bit of a surprise, and a first for the Surrey RCMP, which tweeted the find was “m ore than just a case of the munchies.” Four men, all of whom are known to police, were arrested following the search. They were later released pending further investigation, the RCMP reports. Inspector Mike Hall, proactive enforcement officer for the Surrey RCMP, says in the statement that it is it illegal for an unauthorized dealer to sell cannabis, but it is also illegal to…

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Source : Three-month-long drug trafficking probe bags Surrey RCMP its first weed-infused potato chips

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