Stache Products’ Rio Makes Dabbing Easier Than Ever

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The dabbing lifestyle is hot — literally. Blasting a banger with a blowtorch until it has reached several hundred degrees and letting it cool down just enough to vaporize your cannabis concentrates may offer quite the hit, but it has its setbacks.  Being forced to meddle with the torch can lead to safety issues; this writer has a faint scar on her arm from a run-in with the tool. Electronic nails and rigs are an alternative but tend to be less portable, and we all know the disappointment that arises when a battery is depleted when you’re ready for the new rip. Knowing there had to be a better way, the savvy entrepreneurs at Stache Products invented the RiO, AKA the “rig-in-one.” This small-but-mighty unit has a built-in blowtorch and is still compact enough for on-the-go dabbers. We got our hands on the Rio to see how it stacks up to the traditional rig set-up — read on for our thoughts! First Impressions: Pretty and Intriguing  Out of the box, I was impressed by the high-quality EVA foam carrying case which houses the RiO components. With a zipper enclosure, cloth handle and a pocket for accessories, the case takes up less real estate than many of the large, James Bond-style cases I see people schlepping their rigs in at events. The RiO itself has a sleek, resin base that holds the torch, which has only the business end protruding out. Above this holds a glass bubbler rig with 14mm shower head perc, which the included 14mm male quartz banger fits inside of perfectly. Two silicon plugs for travel, a glass carb cap, and a dab tool complete the set. The majority of seasoned dabbers would know exactly what to do with all of these components, but a rookie would not.…

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