How To Grow Short Cannabis Plants That Are Loaded With Bud


Unless you happen to own a field in sunny California, chances are you’ve probably got a limited amount of space to grow your cannabis in. What’s more, discretion is something of a necessity for many growers, particularly if the neighbours have prying eyes. In such cases, beautiful 12-foot-high marijuana plants simply aren’t practical, and a little stealthy cultivation may well be in order. Fortunately, size isn’t everything when it comes to weed, and while everyone would ideally love to allow their plants to grow to their full height, it’s actually perfectly possible to achieve a huge harvest while keeping your plants short and compact. Related Post A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Grow Cannabis Indoors Why Cannabis Plants Like To Grow Tall The first thing to know about cannabis is that it loves sunlight, and will grow to several metres tall in just a few short months as it strives to get as close as possible to the light. Most of the plant’s energy is directed towards the top of the main stem, as this is the part of its anatomy that receives the most direct sunlight. It’s therefore here that the largest cola tends to form once the plant enters its flowering stage. Yet cannabis growers are a crafty bunch, and have discovered numerous ways to hack their plants’ anatomies in order to meet their specific cultivation needs. As previously mentioned, this may be dictated by the dimensions of one’s growing space or a requirement for secrecy, although laziness is another perfectly valid reason for wanting to curtail the height of a crop. After all, checking for pests, mold, seeds and damaged stems is much more manageable if you don’t need to climb a ladder to inspect your plants. Shorter Cannabis Plants As always, genetics are the first thing…

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