Everything you need to know about the Omura Series X


Few things have been more detrimental to the evolution of cannabis than the fear of getting too stoned. Despite massive amounts of scientific research supporting its validity as a medicine, and the widely-known fact that cannabis is a good recreational alternative to alcohol, none of that really matters if the person in question has had a bad weed trip.  And it’s not an irrational fear, either. Getting too high can be traumatic … a horrible, scary, and overall game-ending experience for the cannabis novice. Thankfully, recent developments in products focusing on precise microdosing have opened up weed to a lot of cannabis newbies. Most of these developments have been in the edibles market, but now, with the Omura Series X, microdosing has come to the flower world.  Chic and beyond user-friendly, the Series X by Omura is a whole flower vaporizer that’s perfectly suited for both the stone-cold novice/canna-curious crowd and the intermediate/medicinal consumer.  Basically, they’ve taken the flower vaporizer and simplified the process to its most basic function, then homogenized a precise microdose with each session by employing paper tubes preloaded with tiny bits of flower called “Flowersticks.”  Thoughtful, well-executed, and effective, this is a perfect flower vape for people who are nervous about using cannabis, streamlining the process into a one stop shop for the curious newcomer.  What is the Omura Series X? The Omura Series X is a new kind of handheld flower vaporizer that uses a proprietary insert — Flowersticks — to provide a consistent, micro-dosed experience for the novice consumer.   Created in partnership with Omura and the award-winning industrial designer Michael Young, the impressive tech inside coincides with a glamorous yet pared down aesthetic, resulting in a device that works great, looks great and feels great in your hand.  It features a patented dual-heat source that…

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