Elevar Leafs — a new way to take CBD from SpectrumLeaf


SpectrumLeaf has just announced the launch of their new CBD brand — Elevar Hemp. However, this isn’t just another CBD brand. Elevar Hemp’s scientific approach to CBD could potentially have a game-changing outcome. In fact, every Elevar Hemp product is developed with optimal efficacy and quality in mind. These products also focus and highlight the user experience, elevating it to new heights. This is why Elevar Hemp is launching their Elevar Leafs — dissolvable CBD oral strips. SpectrumLeaf has manufactured these products to be discreet, easy to use, and effective. What are Elevar Leafs? Elevar Leafs are CBD oral strips — a brand-new form of CBD, from Elevar Hemp and SpectrumLeaf. Made with patented technology, Elevar Leafs contain high doses of CBD actives, optimising bioavailability for an unparalleled CBD experience. RELATED ARTICLE: CBD oil benefits, fact or fiction? – Clinical trials reveal the truth CONTINUE READING In addition to that, Elevar Leafs are extremely discreet, with each strip measuring no bigger than a postage stamp. Each Elevar Leaf oral strip contains 25 mg of good-quality CBD. In fact, only broad-spectrum CBD is used in production. Felix Sundstrom, SpectrumLeaf CEO, is thrilled to put Elevar Leafs on the market. Mr. Sundstrom has highlighted the product’s many qualities, stating, “The ease of use of this product not only allows CBD users to enjoy them discreetly anywhere, at any time, but empowers them to manage their CBD intake accurately.” Elevar Leafs also come in three different flavours: Fresh Mint Berry Mint Lavender How do they work? Elevar Leafs work perfectly on their own. Unlike CBD capsules, there’s no need to take them with water. Users can simply place them on or under their tongues, absorbing the CBD sublingually. This means that the CBD in the Elevar Leafs bypasses the digestive system, and users…

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