On Jerry Garcia's legacy and weed brand, a conversation with Trixie Garcia


The weed that Shakedown Street deserves is finally here — and it’s anything but shake. Rejoice, Deadheads: The official Jerry Garcia cannabis brand, Garcia Hand Picked, is now available on dispensary shelves throughout California, and will soon be offered in other legal states too.  Created by the Garcia family in partnership with Holistic Industries, a multi-state cannabis operator active in nine states plus Washington DC, Garcia Hand Picked made its debut this November, just after the 25-year anniversary of the iconic frontman’s passing. But if you ask Trixie Garcia, one of Jerry’s four daughters, about the conception of a Captain Trips cannabis brand, it’s been a long time coming.  “We’ve considered the idea as early as the year 2000,” Trixie told Weedmaps during an hour-long phone interview. “But we’ve really been thinking about the brand for eight years in earnest. Ultimately, getting into the cannabis space wasn’t a green rush thing for me… I wanted to wait until we found the right partner who was into the nuances of the culture.”  That partner is Josh Genderson, CEO and founder of Holistic Industries, as well as a tie-dyed-in-the-wool, “lifelong” Deadhead. (His favorite live shows? Europe ’72, Capitol Theater Port Chester ’71, and Winterland ’77, among others.) Mirroring Trixie’s concerns about finding the right collaborator, Genderson explained to Weedmaps that his company has “said no so many times to celebrities and established West Coast brands” about launching a weed product with a famous face. “It’s never made sense for us, and we’ve always been able to create our own brands that are successful. But a Garcia brand? It’s a ‘pinch me’ sort of moment.” “There’s a Mount Rushmore of cannabis,” Genderson continued during a call. “Bob Marley. Snoop Dogg. Willie Nelson. They all belong to it and have some iteration of a…

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Source : On Jerry Garcia's legacy and weed brand, a conversation with Trixie Garcia

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