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In recent years, few names have taken the world of California cannabis by storm quite like the cultivators at Alien Labs. Through the sheer quality of its cannabis and sense of charm the team brought to California’s previously thriving event circuit, Alien Labs has become a household name faster than most. As its extraterrestrial-covered purple jars have come to be embraced in local markets up and down the state, it is easy for us to see that we have a winner on our hands. Alien Labs founder Ted Lidie gave us the exclusive rundown on how the ship took off across the Golden State, abducting sobriety to the fullest as they entered each California market. Lidie dove into every twist and phenotype of the journey that led to the cultivators sweeping the first fully legal Cannabis Cup in California in 2018. Back in 2010, Lidie and his partner Tyler Meeks owned a club called Medi Cali in Redding, a small city due east of the Emerald Triangle. Lidie had just moved back to Redding from San Francisco and was well aware that consumer-friendly brands were about to take off as the plant normalized in the public eye. “In Redding, it was all hippie — not that that’s a bad thing,” Lidie says. “You went into a club and there were 50 strains of outdoor.” So Lidie and Meeks began their own cultivation efforts, following the same philosophy that Alien Labs employs today: It’s always worth it to go the extra mile when you’re trying to produce the best flower possible. Before the days of Alien Labs’ current spread of boutique cuts, they were working with classics like Green Crack and Purple Skunk. In 2011, they got their hands on Cookies, after paying someone $20,000 for the genetics. That’s when they started the strategy of trying…

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