Trash weighing 1,361 kilograms removed from a former illegal cannabis cultivation site

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About 3,000 pounds (1,361 kilograms) of trash that blighted pristine land in Los Padres National Forest has been removed from a former illegal cannabis cultivation site discovered this summer. The joint team led by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) finished removing mounds of trash and dangerous pesticides, including bottles of the banned pesticide carbofuran — just a teaspoon of which can kill a 272-kg bear — from the massive grow site in early December. In July, officers eradicated 6,500-plus illegal cannabis plants and confiscated more than 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg) of processed marijuana, the department reported earlier this month. Police seize almost 75,000 marijuana plants after chopper needed to access remote cultivation site Man cleaning former cannabis grow-op finds gun and accidentally shoots himself… in the leg Illegal grows on public lands are poisoning America’s wildlife “This site was overrun with trash and dangerous pesticides at every corner of the grow complex,” David Bess, deputy director of CDFW, says in the most recent statement . In all, the team removed about 1,361 kg of trash, hundreds of feet of plastic irrigation piping, two makeshift stoves, other discarded camping equipment and numerous bottles of rodenticides, insecticides and high-concentrate fertilizers. CDFW reports that much of the removed trash was “located in a seasonal stream channel, which led to the Pacific Ocean.” The department points out that had the garbage been left in place, much of it “could have been carried to the coastline by high stream flows from winter rains.” Additionally, the rodenticides, insecticides and fertilizers can be lethal to fish and wildlife. Two deer and a skunk discovered dead on the site “were likely poisoned from the illegal pesticides at the grow,” the statement adds. Located just a couple of kilometres north of Ragged Point in the Monterey…

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Source : Trash weighing 1,361 kilograms removed from a former illegal cannabis cultivation site

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