8 of the best Haze strains


Haze is no rare commodity. The heritage is parent to some of the most popular contemporary hybrids in shops today. Many of today’s haze phenotypes are genetically similar to the landrace strains our hippy grandparents smoked, but modern cultivation has presented a far wider range of complex effects.  Below, check out some of the most notable examples of Haze genetics, making them the best Haze strains. Haze Haze (aka Original Haze) originated in Santa Cruz, CA sometime in the early 70s by a pair of storied cultivators named “the Haze Brothers” along with their partner “Sam the Skunkman.” The cultivation involved a number of imported landrace sativa strains — landrace referring to cannabis strains that, while not necessarily wild, have not been formally selected, developed, or genetically manipulated by breeders. Haze is not a pure sativa, but it is a genetic pillar of contemporary cannabis for its expression of sativa effects, including, energy, euphoria, and wild creativity. Expect notes of berry and lemon and an earthy exhale.  Find Haze strains Super Lemon Haze Varsity stoners often refer to Super Lemon Haze as a daytime strain for its energizing head high. For the majority of users, this strain delivers the kind of bright, euphoric mental and elastic body highs that can make a person positively enthusiastic about housework, errands, and all manner of daily minutia.  Super Lemon Haze’s genetics combine Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze for an 80:20 sativa/indica genetic split. The resulting flowers are heavily sugared, sharply fragranced, and dense with resin. Expect a citrusy nose and a crisp, lemony exhale. Find Super Lemon Haze strains Strawberry Haze Fans of peppy, energetic highs may find their perfect match in Strawberry Haze (aka Arjan’s Strawberry Haze), another strain almost universally approved for “daytime use.” Consumers report a clear, cerebral head…

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