Record-breaking snowstorm not enough to stop woman from driving high

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Charges are pending for a New York State woman who was allegedly high on weed while driving during a record-breaking snowfall in Pennsylvania’s Lycoming County last week. The driver had already stopped on the side of the road when Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), who were conducting a safety sweep on Route 15 near Montoursville, Pa. on Dec. 17, saw what appeared to be a disabled car in the northbound lane, according to . Upon approaching the car, the 40-year-old driver “seemed hesitant to make contact with troopers,” notes a police report. The troopers then noticed a strong marijuana smell emanating from the vehicle. About $80K in cannabis, gummies and shatter seized from vehicle during RIDE check Is pitching weed out a vehicle window in front of police ever a good escape plan? Man sleeping in running truck in the middle of intersection easy pickings for arresting authorities Junella Cohen reportedly told police she was traveling from Georgia and that she had last stopped in Washington, D.C. and had been smoking weed “all the way from D.C.,” quotes the police report as noting. Yes, Cohen said she knew it was going to snow, but had to get back to Rochester, N.Y. Just shy of 25 inches (63.5 cm) of snow fell in Williamsport last Wednesday into Thursday, breaking the record of 24.1 inches set back in 1964, reports PAhomepage . Just one day earlier, on Dec. 16, PSP responded to multiple weather-related vehicle crashes over a mile-long stretch of Interstate 80. The interstate had to be closed after 55 commercial vehicles and 11 passenger vehicles were involved in the collisions. Troopers at the scene reported seeing drugs and drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the car. A search produced more of both, states the police report. Cohen was taken…

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Source : Record-breaking snowstorm not enough to stop woman from driving high

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