Wellness company sees super-strength weed being at heart of super-strength anti-ageing skin spray

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Australian cannabis firm Dolce Cann Global has been tapped by Wellfully to use its propriety marijuana strains, something the wellness company argues could lead to products that help combat ageing, skin blemishes, acne and arthritis. That belief flows from Dolce Cann’s propriety cannabis strains, all of which “boast a mix of cannabinoids with much stronger anti-inflammatory properties than standard CBD,” notes a press release from Wellfully . The wellness company is looking to secure the rights to the strains and then use its own propriety drug systems to produce skincare and wellness products. By working together, the idea is to create products that employ ‘ultrasonic diffusion’, ‘magnetic misting’ and other enhanced delivery systems that allow for “greater absorption and better penetration of the super-strength cannabinoids,” the statement notes. 11 ways to bring wellness holiday cheer to your favourite canna-curious friends and family How does cannabis impact your skin? Buyer beware: ‘Weed washing’ companies said to deliver little to no CBD despite packaging The new delivery systems offer promise, Wellfully explains. For example, ultrasonic diffusion is said to allow the skin to absorb droplets that are 50 times smaller than a traditional spray, while magnetic misting acts on these droplets to enable significantly better penetration and absorption. “The potential for this stronger mix of cannabinoids and their unique activation pathways will be the key to treating anti-inflammatory associated with specific ailments,” the company contends. “We plan to address the needs of both the health category to treat inflammatory disorders, arthritis, rosacea and muscle recovery damage, as well as beauty for anti-aging, acne, blemishes and beyond,” says Wellfully CEO Paul Peros. The expectation is that clinical trials to analyze the bio-efficacy of seven key cannabis strains should be ready to kick off in about 12 months, with products being released in the U.K. through Wellfully’s…

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Source : Wellness company sees super-strength weed being at heart of super-strength anti-ageing skin spray

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