Canadians are increasingly abandoning illicit market, buying more cannabis from legal stores, survey says

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Health Canada has released the 2020 Canadian Cannabis Survey, shedding light on evolving habits and opinions about the plant.  The CCS began in 2017 and, among other factors, examines sources of cannabis, types of cannabis products being consumed, and, this year, cannabis use in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was informed by responses from nearly 11,000 Canadians, aged 16 and older, located across all provinces and territories.  Here are some of the findings. Is the COVID-19 pandemic changing the ways Canadians consume cannabis? Nearly half of Canadians now prefer to buy cannabis online We ranked Canada’s cannabis-friendly provinces from worst to best Knowledge opinions and behaviours Likely spurred on by the pandemic, more Canadians reported consuming cannabis at home this year, with 72 per cent of respondents saying they have smoked inside the home, compared to 66 per cent in 2019, and 58 per cent reported that they have consumed edibles or beverages at home, an increase from 44 per cent in 2019. Among those who have used cannabis in the past 12 months, 68 per cent reported having seen Health Canada’s warning messages, an increase of 10 per cent from 2019.  New for 2020, Canadians were asked about growing their own cannabis. For those who have consumed the plant in the past 12 months, 15 per cent reported growing plants in or around the home in 2020. The average number of plants was three.  When it comes to social acceptability, Canadians responded that among alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis, booze remains the most socially accepted, followed by cannabis and tobacco. The social acceptability of occasionally smoking and eating cannabis increased slightly compared to 2019. In general, the majority of respondents felt occasional alcohol or cannabis use carried little to no risk, whereas smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes was…

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Source : Canadians are increasingly abandoning illicit market, buying more cannabis from legal stores, survey says

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