Cannabis Business Times Editors Pick Their Favorite Stories From 2020


<![CDATA[As this incredibly tumultuous year comes to a close, so does another year of cannabis features and b2b journalism at Cannabis Business Times. Here, the CBT editors take a look back on their favorite stories of 2020.Eric Sandy, Digital EditorThe Case for Cannabis Biodiversity – Tomorrow in Cannabis, February 2020Kenneth Morrow’s columns are always a joy to read. Each month, he casts a bright spotlight on some of the deepest sources of tension in the legal cannabis industry. In February, his column took up the mantle of genetic biodiversity—and what the licensed business landscape was losing in its quest to meet broad consumer demand. “Cannabis genetics follow trends and fads, but what value is lost in the genetics the industry has overlooked?” he asked. It’s a good question, and one that growers will continue to ponder as the marketplace expands (with four states legalizing adult-use cannabis in 2020!) and as consumer interests evolve (much like any other commercial space). “We must balance the need for marketable products while not losing sight of the long-term value of having genetics that might hold the key to disease or pest immunity,” Morrow writes. “Therefore, it’s up to all of us to collect, protect and preserve all available cannabis genetics of today for tomorrow.” Read moreBrian MacIver, Senior EditorA Cultivator’s View: ‘The Wolves Have Gotten Bigger’ — Guest Column, March 2020Leif Abel, owner of Greatland Ganja in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, penned this column in the special 5-year anniversary issue of Cannabis Business Times as a follow-up to his column in the publication’s first ever issue ( In this March 2020 article, Abel looks back on the “[poor], idealistic, unaware little fella working frantically like there is an end in sight” that is his younger self. He reflects on the metaphorical (and likely some very…

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