The beauty of cooking with cannabis with Chef Nikki Steward, the chef behind Dave Chappelle's weed dinners

For almost five years, Nikki Steward has been Hollywood’s best kept canna-culinary secret. But to assume her skills are exclusive to novelty edibles would be a blatant underestimation of her talents, which are far greater than any one kitchen could realistically contain.  “A lot of people don’t expect professional black women to be a light to women who feel disenfranchised from their careers in the culinary space,” says Steward, aka Chef Nikki. “I’m also a mother. And I want to be an example to my children. Fuck what everybody else says. Do what you want to do” Steward’s multidimensional career path is a pristine example of that ethos in action. What was initially intended to be a future in pharmaceutical technology has since expanded and evolved to fantastically unanticipated heights.  Whether it be her ultra-exclusive, celebrity-studded High End Affair cannabis dinner events, her tenure as Dave Chappelle’s personal psychedelic canna-chef, or possibly by way of Chris Rock’s recent-yet-already-infamous daytime talk show shout-out, Chef Nikki has cemented her legacy as the go-to chef for a vast network of high-minded celebs, and in doing so highlighted not only a uniquely aspirational career in the cannabis industry but also the potential of celebratory psychedelic therapy.  And Chef Nikki’s endgame goes beyond mind-blowing, horizon-expanding, culinary fame. “The end game is to be the face of normalizing cannabis in a culture that stigmatizes me for being black.” Cooking up cannabis with Chef Nikki Chef Nikki Steward We spoke to Chef Nikki about how unconventional career choices can uncover a greater life purpose, the ways ancestral plant medicine can strengthen familial bonds, and how Dave Chappelle’s mom reacted to her son’s obsession with medicated mac and cheese. WeedMaps: You went to school for Pharmaceutical Science, why the pivot to fine dining and cannabis cuisine? Nikki Steward:…

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Source : The beauty of cooking with cannabis with Chef Nikki Steward, the chef behind Dave Chappelle's weed dinners

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