Study says cannabis smokers ‘fail to grasp health risks of smoking’

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A new study   claims that many people who smoke cannabis consider themselves non-smokers, leading to hand-wringing from experts who say weed consumers may not be aware that inhaling the substance carries risks, especially when mixed with tobacco, reports The Guardian . Published in the journal Addiction , the study estimates that 380,000 British people who describe themselves as non-smokers smoke cannabis weekly, and sometimes add tobacco into the mix. “It is extremely concerning,” Hannah Walsh, one of the study’s authors, told The Guardian. “It is possible that they do not realize they are putting their health at risk. It’s also a concern that people may be unwittingly establishing a tobacco addiction, with cannabis acting as their route into a lifetime of smoking tobacco.” Smoking cannabis may not be healthier than tobacco, according to new research from McMaster Five smoking and vaping alternatives for weed Want to stay COVID-free this holiday season? Don’t smoke weed with others According to the study, up to 75 per cent of cannabis consumers in the U.K. smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco. Previous studies have suggested that those who mix tobacco with cannabis may be consuming about 0.35 grams of tobacco per joint or about one-third of a cigarette. This amount of tobacco exposure is “equivalent to that found in light/moderate cigarette smokers,” the study notes, adding that mixing the two substances can lead to negative acute cardiovascular effects and is associated with chronic bronchitis. “Government generally sees cannabis and tobacco as separate issues, but plainly, their use is deeply interwoven,” Hazel Cheeseman, director of policy at Action on Smoking and Health, told The Guardian. “There is an opportunity to address this in the government’s planned Addiction Strategy. This strategy must include measures to tackle the overlapping use of cannabis and tobacco and the resulting…

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Source : Study says cannabis smokers ‘fail to grasp health risks of smoking’

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