Oakland police release disturbing video in which cannabis burglary suspect was fatally shot

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The Oakland Police Department (OPD) has released video related to an incident on U.S. election night in which a man thought to be robbing a commercial cannabis grow was fatally shot and four officers were injured. Jonathan Torres Ramirez, 20, suffered fatal injuries when he was shot while inside his vehicle. The shooting occurred after Ramirez drove onto a sidewalk, ran over one officer and struck a number of others. Released by police on Friday, the critical incident video (WARNING: DISTURBING) shows footage from the officer body-cameras and private security cameras, as well as audio between officers and police dispatch. Man shot and killed during attempted theft at cannabis-growing business identified Investigators believe 17-year-old may have been shot dead after fight over US$40 worth of weed Police forced to kill Rottweiler after fight between roommates over missing pot turns violent The incident unfolded on the night of Nov. 3 in a primarily residential neighbourhood, Interim Police Chief Susan Manheimer notes in the police video. Police arrived at about 10:15 pm after one caravan of vehicles, which had about 40 cars and trucks, crashed through a front gate of Blunts and More. Officers “were able to interrupt that group as they attempted to break into a cannabis grow inside a commercial building,” Manheimer reports in the video. When OPD officers arrived on scene, members of the caravan scattered, some on foot and others in their vehicles. “Some of the drivers used the sidewalks as roadways, creating a challenging and dangerous situation,” she notes. One white sedan, reportedly driven by Ramirez, “ran over an officer, briefly pinning him under the vehicle. Next, with the officer still trapped underneath the car, the driver put his car in reverse. The driver backed over the officer and missed hitting a second officer, along with another…

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Source : Oakland police release disturbing video in which cannabis burglary suspect was fatally shot

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