Cyprus police create their own fireworks, discovering 335 kilograms of weed and sparklers

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Four men appeared in Limassol District Court in Cyprus on Dec. 19 for a remand hearing after police seized 35 kilograms of cannabis and part of a 300 kg haul of sparklers and fireworks from a van stopped shortly before noon on Dec. 18. Two men, one 43 and the other 34, were issued eight-day detention orders while two other men, 35 and 38, were ordered to spend five days in detention, according to a translated press release from the Cyprus Police . Sea weed: 28 kg of cannabis found floating in the sea off Cyprus coast Buried Treasure: Man discovers 1.4 kilos of cannabis on seabed of the Mediterranean Ireland’s health minister isn’t apologizing for past cannabis use, supports legalization In an operation coordinated by the drug squad of YKAN, the Limassol District Committee, the van had been tracked from a nearby warehouse and was stopped after receiving information. Specifically, 35 kg of marijuana and approximately 200 kg of sparklers and fireworks were found inside the vehicle and confiscated, the police report. One suspect tried to escape in his vehicle, but police pursued him, with shots fired at the vehicle tires in a bid to disable the vehicle. “We managed to catch him in the Polemidia reservoir area,” drug squad commander Michalis Katsounotos confirmed to reporters on Dec. 18, according to Cyprus Mail . Κατάσχεση 35 κιλών κάνναβης και 300 κιλών βεγγαλικών.Συνελήφθησαν τέσσερα πρόσωπα.#Cyprus #cypolice— Αστυνομία Κύπρου (@Cyprus_Police) December 18, 2020 A subsequent search of a number of units in a Limassol warehouse said to be owned by one of the suspects, revealed about 100 kg more of sparklers and fireworks, notes the police statement. “We planned the operation and for some time, certain people and premises were under police surveillance in an attempt to determine whether…

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Source : Cyprus police create their own fireworks, discovering 335 kilograms of weed and sparklers

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