Man barricades himself inside home as police attempt raid, says illicit grow is for medical purposes

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A U.K. man charged with producing a class B drug said he grew 71 cannabis plants for medical purposes, reports Chronicle Live . Barry Gray said he planned on making oil from the plants, which he uses to treat his epilepsy. Access to medical cannabis remains a challenge in the U.K., argues mother of chronically ill child Lack of access to medical marijuana and CBD is cause for concern in the U.S. Canada’s largest private-sector union aims to include medical cannabis coverage in collective bargaining agreements Police executed a search warrant on his home earlier this year and found the plants growing in two bedrooms. Gray initially barricade himself inside the property, but police were able to gain access and seized the plants. They also found that he had bypassed his electricity metre. Gray reportedly told officers that that grow consisted of “40 or 50 plants.” Prosecutor Lesley Burgess said it was actually 71 plants, with a value of between £7,500 ($13,000) and £30,000 ($52,000), adding that Gray has a previous charge for cocaine possession with intent to supply. Gray’s lawyer argued that the 32-year-old was growing the plants for medical purposes and turned to cannabis after conventional therapies had proved ineffective in treating his epileptic seizures. “He was growing something for himself. He’s actually making cannabis oil. He suffered two or three epileptic fits a day,” his lawyer said, adding that Gray was growing the plants at the advice of a healthcare professional. “He went on the internet and researched how to make it and the internet said this is what you do. He did that and he found the oil stopped him having epileptic fits,” his lawyer said. Gray pleaded guilty and is scheduled to appear before the Newcastle Crown Court for sentencing next month. Medical cannabis is…

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Source : Man barricades himself inside home as police attempt raid, says illicit grow is for medical purposes

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