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Capulator is an old school grower in a sea of fresh faces. Back in the day, the elusive breeder of the MAC strain was a regular on the cultivation web forums that so many of the modern masters called home at one time or another. He is also very private. It took us a full month to track down Capulator and get the story of his amazing MAC creation. And while we weren’t able to get him on the phone, he did offer to answer questions via email. First off, Cap dove into the genetics of MAC, which is an acronym for Miracle Alien Cookies — but he’s also heard it called “Mother of All Cookies and also Mother of All Cannabis.” According to Cap, the mother he used was Alien Cookies F2 #7, bred by JAWS and selected by Cap. That was paired with a male whose lineage included Starfighter, bred by Alien Genetics, and a Colombian pheno Cap sourced personally while traveling in South America. “This plant is lovingly referred to as Miracle 15 or Miracle,” he said of the father’s side of MAC’s genetics. “What happened was I made Starfighter x Colombian about eight years ago, and roughly four years ago decided to pop them. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about them in my pocket and put them through the wash. Luckily, they were saved by the love of my life and placed in a wet paper towel to germinate, which they all did. However, at about two weeks in and 2 inches tall, they all died suddenly except for number 15. Hence, ‘Miracle 15.’” Cap said the pairing that led to MAC was inspired by the phenomenal genetics of the Alien Cookies F2 #7, which, in his opinion, is probably the most incredible flower many people will smoke in…

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