Puffco Peak Pro: Updated Dab Rig Promises More Bang For Your Buck

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For fans of dabbing, Puffco has been a pillar of the community since launching their very first product, a fillable wax pen called the Puffco classic, in 2013. The vape pen allowed for a discreet yet satisfying concentrate experience. But the introduction of the Peak in early 2018 revolutionized the game – the “smart rig” offered a full dab without the need for a blowtorch or banger.  Puffco’s Peak took the cannabis world by storm, developing a cult-like following that has become increasingly widespread with the fandom currently reaching a fever pitch (winners of the Emerald Cup in 2019 were awarded custom Peaks, demonstrating how coveted the gadgets truly are). The release of version 2.0, the Peak Pro, sent followers into a frenzy this past fall, constituting the biggest drop ever for Puffco — and for good reason. The new device is full of fantastic updates and new features resulting in a masterpiece completely worthy of its $399.99 price tag. From an improved atomizer to customizable heat settings, to an immersive carb cap, the Peak Pro is truly the new gold standard in dabbing.  Sleek Aesthetics Make Impactful First Impression Out of the box, the Puffco Peak Pro certainly pleases the eye. The overall look is similar in nature to the original Peak but with a sexier brushed metal finish and a slimmer glass head (don’t worry, custom glass from the Peak still fits on the Pro base).  The power/control button is also changed for the better, as it is more pronounced and easier to manipulate than the previous iteration. The new mouthpiece and tool backpack (part of the Travel Pack, sold separately) are also improved upon, as they’re more ergonomically designed and functional than version 1.0. The included Peak Pro Carrying Case, which houses the unit, was also vastly improved. It…

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