Gen Z Customers Are Entering the Cannabis Market


<![CDATA[This year, the oldest members of Gen Z turned 23. That means the legal cannabis industry is about to be bombarded with new customers—members of a distinct generation with new tastes and emerging cultural touchstones.The HQ Cannabis Brand Affinity report was issued in December 2020 by Headquarters, a strategic advisory studio focused on driving growth for businesses and brands entering the California cannabis market, in conjunction with The Statement Group. The report lays out the lifestyle trends and spending power found among Gen Z (and millennial) customers. Gen Z is defined as anyone born between 1997 and 2012-2015 (depending who you ask). As of January 2020, according to the report, Gen Z spending power clocked in at $143 billion. So, what does the younger set gravitate toward? The big topics include: hip-hop and R&B, fashion, social influencers and gaming.READ MORE: Gen Z and Millennials: A New Age of Cannabis Consumers “Gen Z and millennial lifestyle cannabis consumers—an often tough-to-reach consumer group—make up a significant share of the cannabis market today,” said Headquarters CEO Daniel Abrahami. “As we head into the holiday season and New Year, these consumers are only expected to take a greater share of the market. … Our hope is that cannabis brands leverage this proprietary data to gain the competitive advantage they’re looking for in this highly competitive space.” Read the full report here or scroll down for an embedded version. With the rise of online ordering and cannabis delivery, it becomes incumbent upon dispensary owners to navigate their marketing messages toward the consumer. Often in 2020 and going forward, this can mean getting out of the traditional retail environment and providing a more immersive message. “From a psychographic standpoint, it’s always great to know which cannabis icons like Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen or Snoop Dogg resonate with Gen Z…

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