Anthony Pettis discusses why he's stopped consuming alcohol and cannabis ahead of UFC bout

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Veteran MMA athlete Anthony “Showtime” Pettis will return to the octagon this weekend for the last fight under his current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract. In an interview with <a href="%7B%22provider_name%22:%22Twitter%22,%22provider_url%22:%22https:%5C/%5C/,%22object_url%22:%22https:%5C/%5C/,%22html%22:%22Ex-champ%20@ShowtimePettis%20has%20a%20new%20mindset%20for%20#UFCVegas17%20after%20cutting%20out%20weed%20and%20alcohol%20out%20of%20his%20life.%20%5Cud83d%5Cudc4f@MikeBohnMMA’s%20interview:%20https:%5C/%5C/,%202020%5Cn%5Cn%22,%22type%22:%22oembed%22,%22channels%22:%5B%22desktop%22,%22tablet%22,%22phone%22%5D%7D”>MMA Junkie , he talked about his new mindset as he approaches what could be his final UFC fight and why he’s cut cannabis and alcohol out of his life. MMA legend Frank Shamrock used cannabis ‘on a daily basis’ throughout his career. So, why has he stopped now? Kevin Holland ahead of UFC 256: ‘The only thing that sucks is I have to stop smoking for a week’ UFC president Dana White says he’s working to “loosen up” cannabis restrictions The former lightweight champion said he’s worked to change his outlook and that the pressure he put on himself earlier in his career wasn’t sustainable. Alcohol was an escape and helped him cope with the death of his father. “Obviously, alcohol is everywhere and for me, that’s one of my vices,” he said. “When I lost my dad, going all the way back to that, that’s when it was introduced to me…dealing with my pain and sorrow with alcohol or some kind of substance.” Ex-champ @ShowtimePettis has a new mindset for #UFCVegas17 after cutting out weed and alcohol out of his life. 👏@MikeBohnMMA’s interview:— MMA Junkie (@MMAjunkie) December 18, 2020 Speaking from Nevada, where cannabis is legal for recreational use, Pettis said cannabis is a more recent addition to his life but that he’s abstaining from the plant as it takes him out of “being present.” “I’m not saying marijuana is bad, or saying yes or no to that but for me, where my journey is, it takes me out of being present,” he said, adding that speaking publically about his decision to abstain from the substances…

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Source : Anthony Pettis discusses why he's stopped consuming alcohol and cannabis ahead of UFC bout

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