A third of Canadians with cancer saying yes to cannabis: Alberta study

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About of third of cancer patients taking part in a University of Alberta-affiliated study report using medical cannabis, a percentage that climbed about seven points between 2007 and 2016. “Within this study cohort of Canadian adults with current cancer diagnosis, cannabis use is not uncommon,” conclude authors of the study published this month in Expert Reviews in Pharmacoeconomics & Outcome Research . Under the original Marihuana Medical Access Regulations , which took effect in 2001, people who had authorization from their health care practitioner could access dried marijuana for medical purposes. They could either grow weed themselves, appoint a designated grower or buy cannabis from a Health Canada supply. Alex Trebek once ate “four or five” weed brownies and slept in a stranger’s home for three days Canadian cancer survivors explain reasons for consuming or abstaining from cannabis in new study Study: CBD may help block pain-signalling pathways Drawing data from the Canadian Community Health Survey for 2007 through 2016, cannabis use among the 4,667 participants rose from 27.7 per cent in 2007-2008 to 34.4 per cent in 2015-2016. Weed use increased throughout the study period, the study adds. An earlier study by U of A researchers , involving adult patients attending cancer centres, cited 43 per cent of participants reported any lifetime use of cannabis, the lion’s share of them getting their weed from friends, with just 10 per cent getting it from regulated medical dispensaries and six per cent by other means. Of those who reported consuming cannabis within six months before the survey, 36 per cent were new users. “Their reasons for use included cancer-related pain (46 per cent), nausea (34 per cent), other cancer symptoms (31 per cent) and non-cancer-related reasons (56 per cent). In a blog , the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana…

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Source : A third of Canadians with cancer saying yes to cannabis: Alberta study

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