3 weed products Zeke Thomas can't live without


Joshua “Zeke” Thomas is a TV host, DJ, producer, and activist from Detroit, Michigan. Though he’s a sort of jack of all trades, Zeke is probably best-known for his activism surrounding mental health and sexual assault awareness. His latest project, a streamable show called Amplify Voices, was created this past summer at the height of the anti-racism movement and the annual LGBTQ+ pride celebration with the goal of achieving more diversity in mainstream media.  The conversational series focuses on embracing queer and BIPOC intersectionality, and brings together athletes, entertainers, politicians, activists, and other important voices to engage in discussions about the issues faced by these communities. In its first season, the show was picked up by Revry, the world’s first and only LGBTQ+ digital cable network. Amplify Voices premiered at the 2020 QueerX Festival, where Zeke was honored with the festival’s Visibility Award, and will be available for free on demand via Revry TV on December 11th.  Among the topics discussed throughout the first season of the show are the experiences of queer artists in sports, the journey of black women in the beauty industry, and, most recently, the continued fight for inclusion in the cannabis industry. The final episode, titled “Queer Cannabis,” highlights how the LGBTQ+ community was at the forefront of weed legalization in the US, despite a distinctive lack of representation in the industry today. Moderated by Willie Mack, the episode featured Zeke, Laganja Estranja, CJ Wallace, Tracey Mason and James Barnes as panelists. Their conversation extended beyond just the need for queer representation in the cannabis industry, but also the barriers it presents for women and people of color — and especially people who check more than one of these boxes.  When asked what we can all do to make the cannabis sphere a more inclusive…

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