Farmers Armour Launches New Farm & Trim Apron

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Cannabis farming can be dirty work. Between the planting, watering, harvesting, drying and trimming the resinous buds, there are plenty of chances to get both sticky and icky. Fortunately, one company is on a mission to protect cultivators and their teams from the unique challenges associated with this type of crop.  Farmers Armour offers a variety of products meant to defend growers from both the elements and the plants themselves. With a line of protective farming apparel including sleeves, wide-brimmed hats and N99 masks, this Santa Cruz-based business runs the gamut when it comes to serving their fellow gardening enthusiasts. “After dealing with farming-related issues every day, we realized there were no products in the market that worked for us — so we developed our own,” said Kaz Kosciolek, co-owner of Farmers Armour. Keeping their ethos front and center, Farmers Armour recently announced a new addition to their catalog that any gardening fan will surely love: the Farm & Trim Apron. Part safeguard, part superhero accessory, this functional apron is sure to be the brand’s next hit. From the Greenhouse to the Cure Room Made from lightweight, anti-stick material, the Farm & Trim Apron prevents biomass like leaves and sticks from attaching to clothing, as well as the resin from the cannabis itself. Kief from flower often finds itself where you’d least expect it, but this extra layer keeps it at bay. Handy, double-lined canvas pockets can hold Fiskers shears without the risk of tearing, while additional pockets keep other tools, gloves and pens right where you need them. The Farm & Trim Apron folds easily to double as a utility belt and uses a quick-release clip system to secure in place — no tying necessary. This time-saving element is just another example of the careful design consideration given by the growers who crafted…

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