KEY LIME PIE is a uniquely American dessert and is the official pie of the Florida Keys where there is also an annual Key Lime Festival to celebrate the uses of Key Lime in food, drink and culture.  Its fame is all in the special characteristics of the lime which has a strong aroma and turns yellow when ripened. Unfortunately, the Florida Keys lime has a limited season and yield, but this dessert doesn’t suffer one bit from being made with any variety of lime you have available. Key Lime Pie is a great alternative to traditional holiday desserts and can be made in many ways – from biscuit base to pastry crust, meringue topping to whipped cream and countless variations in between. In this recipe I’m using Seedman’s Blue Ice OG, as its soft citrusy orange and lemon profile, enhances the dessert whilst adding some contrast. Not only is the Blue Ice strain reputed for its medicinal impacts, it is also a great stress buster that’s relaxing on both the mind and the body. The key to this recipe is simplicity –  it’s easy to make, using only a handful of ingredients. Check out the video showing you how to make this recipe. Equipment You’ll need a 25cm flan dish, stand mixer or hand whisk, small hob pot or microwave bowl and a spatula. Ingredients 120g butter225g gingerbread biscuitGrated zest of 3 limesJuice of 5 large limes3 large egg yolks400g sweetened condensed milk2 tbsp infused Blue Ice OG canna-oilLime strips and whipped cream for decorating METHOD Prepare the Biscuit base Set your oven to 180c On the lowest hob or microwave setting, melt the butter. When melted, remove and set aside. Crush the biscuits, but not completely as you want to have a bit of crunch in the base.  Now transfer…

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