Will cannabis be legal in the UK in 2021?


The new year could see a multitude of changes in laws surrounding cannabis. The question on everyone’s lips is, “Will cannabis be finally made legal in the UK?”  In December WHO, The World Health Organization moved to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Convention, pushing the UN to force a vote on the subject, rejected but still progress. In November French high courts in a appeal brought by Kanavape, ruled on hemp including CBD Flower that  they are outside the UN single convention on narcotics, an Italian court followed suit the week after. Where will the UK decision fall on CBD and cannabis is the question for 2021! This is a valid question. Over the past few years, cannabis-related legislation has undergone a multitude of changes. In fact, at this year’s GCI Virtual Summit, we learned that perspectives surrounding CBD are changing. But what will happen in 2021? Will the British government finally bite the bullet and legalise cannabis in the UK? At the Extract, we’ve done our research. This is what we think will happen in 2021. A history of cannabis in the UK Before we talk about whether or not cannabis will be made legal in the UK next year, we should break down the history of cannabis legislation. Since we’ve discussed this before, we have also talked about how cbd can help people like those who suffer from panic attacks, how CBD when accompanied with exercise has been shown to help people with Sciatica we’ll summarise what we know here before delving into the meat of our article. Large brands like Nike have been endorsing hemp and its benefits on our carbon footprint per acre grown. UK based research has show the effects of CBD on blood flow in the brain. Laws surrounding cannabis began…

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