Is pitching weed out a vehicle window in front of police ever a good escape plan?

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There was no magic in the attempted sleight of hand by a New York state man who tossed about a pound (454 grams) of cannabis out of his vehicle window after being ordered to stop by police. The attempted disappearance act had little effect on patrolling troopers who saw much of the show unfold right in front of them. The incident began to unfold on the morning of Nov. 28 when New York State Police troopers were on patrol on Old State Route 17 and reportedly saw the driver make an illegal U-turn, according to the New York State Police . The officers decided to pull him over, but their bid to do so initially proved fruitless. Man tosses wads of cash out of the minivan to distract police from finding secret weed grow Friendly woman tries to puff, puff pass with cop, but gets arrested instead 19-year-old driver stopped on Highway 401 travelling almost 160 kilometres per hour with a bong in his lap First, the driver ignored the directive to pull over and, instead, exited Old State Route 17 to State Highway 17. Troopers tried to use a tire deflation device, but the driver avoided it. Shortly thereafter, it is believed the driver tossed the bag of weed from his window onto the highway, which troopers later found on the side of the roadway. Apparently having a change of heart, the driver stopped a short distance later and was taken into custody. Jose Izaguirre was arrested at about 7:38 a.m. and faces a felony charge of criminal possession of marijuana in the second degree, the police report. Released on his own recognizance, Izaguirre is scheduled to next appear in court on Jan. 25, 2021. Tossing cannabis out of window, whether from a car or an apartment building, has…

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