U.K. company to host world’s first clinical trials for DMT

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Small Pharma, a U.K.-based neuropharmaceutical company, is set to begin the world’s first clinical trials for dimethyltriptamine (DMT) , also known as the spirit molecule. The first trial could begin as early as January, reports The Guardian,  and will seek to establish the lowest possible dose of DMT that leads to a psychedelic experience. The second trial will consist of 36 people with clinical depression, with DMT being administered alongside psychotherapy. The first Canadian to legally consume psilocybin for medical purposes shares his experience Psychedelics associated with reduction in problematic drug use: study Changes could be on the way for Canada’s cannabis regulations, Health Canada’s Special Access Program The trials will be modelled after similar studies with psychedelic medicines, like psilocybin and ketamine, where patients go through several preparatory sessions as well as post-treatment psychotherapy. Compared to psilocybin, DMT trips are shorter in duration, but more intense. “Whereas a psilocybin session takes all day — and if you’re doing two or even more of those, that’s a large time commitment — a DMT session, all in, will probably take under two hours,” Peter Rands, Small Pharma’s CEO, told The Guardian. “We expect DMT to be rapid-acting, equivalent or perhaps even better than psilocybin, so within hours of a session, you will get rapid relief [from your depression]. We also expect the effect to be sustained over a similar time period,” Rands said. Carol Routledge, chief scientific and medical officer at Small Pharma, said the treatment could have applications in a number of depressive disorders beyond major depression, including post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. “The psychedelic drug breaks up all of the ruminative thought processes in your brain — it literally undoes what has been done by either the stress you’ve been through or the depressive thoughts you have —…

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Source : U.K. company to host world’s first clinical trials for DMT

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