On this day: Dr. Dre released debut album ‘The Chronic’ 28 years ago

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Dr. Dre’s The Chronic,  an album that helped launch cannabis into the mainstream, turns 28 today, reports The Source. With a cover modelled after Zig-Zag rolling papers, and the album itself named after good weed, The Chronic  was Dr. Dre’s first solo album and also pushed forward a relatively unknown rapper at the time with his own affinity for the plant: Snoop Dogg. Even with legalization, people of colour are still disproportionately targeted for cannabis-related offences Reckoning with race: Three Black cannabis insiders on how the industry could be more equitable Jay-Z named chief visionary officer following historic cannabis deal Weed references can be found throughout the album and most prominently in the intro and outro, the skit “The $20 Sack Pyramid” and the single “Let Me Ride.” In the video for “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”, Snoop Dogg can be spotted in a white baseball cap, but instead of repping a sports franchise, a bright green pot leaf is sewn into the cap, though it was often blurred out by broadcasters. The album has been criticized for its misogynistic and violent lyrics while also being regarded as one of the most influential albums of the 1990s. Earlier this year, the album was archived in the Library of Congress by the National Recording Registry , a designation reserved for albums deemed “worthy of preservation because of their cultural, historical and aesthetic importance.” “The Chronic represents an American ornament, an important chapter in the lineage of marijuana’s history,” writes Justin Tinsley at The Undefeated,  while noting that a legacy of racism and disproportionately applied drug laws have resulted in many people of colour being barred from entering North America’s growing cannabis industry, which remains overwhelmingly white . “ The conversation around the plant has changed dramatically, mostly for the better, in…

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Source : On this day: Dr. Dre released debut album ‘The Chronic’ 28 years ago

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