4 Tips for Profitable Solventless Extraction


<![CDATA[Solventless extraction can be a profitable and attractive option for cannabis processors, especially when they avoid common pitfalls. For someone looking to launch a new extraction facility, the equipment, setup and buildout are significantly less expensive for solventless than other extraction methods, according to Ben Britton, founder and CEO of PurePressure, a solventless extraction equipment manufacturer. While solvent-based extraction equipment requires special ventilation considerations, for example, this isn’t the case with solventless, so the upfront cost of the facility buildout and equipment is generally lower.  In addition, solventless products typically sell for a premium and are popular with connoisseurs at dispensaries, Britton says.“It also opens you up to the ability to make quality product, something that is unadulterated and hasn’t been modified by chemicals,” he says.Here, Britton outlines his top advice for launching a profitable solventless extraction business, from acquiring high-quality raw material to establishing efficient processes.1. Control your raw material.Two common roadblocks for anyone processing cannabis are quality and yield, Britton says.“At the end of the day, everybody wants the highest-quality product, and they want the most of it so that they can be profitable,” he says.Solventless extractors use mechanical methods to separate the resin glands from the plant, and Britton says this must be a meticulous process to ensure that no particulates are lost.Controlling the raw material is one way that processors can ensure that they have a consistent supply of high-quality cannabis that can be easily separated, Britton says.“Time and time again, we see that the most successful businesses have really great relationships with their grow, or they’re vertically integrated, meaning that they have a grow under their umbrella,” he says. “If you can properly grow cannabis, that means that you’re properly growing good trichome heads, and that’s ultimately what we’re harvesting here. A good grow creates…

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